"Karmand" LLC technicians team discussions, studying the leader's experience of the industry are the results of unique solutions of our products. Team's creative approach to design and production of each new product, aimed at obtaining a work of art from a sheet metal. We are proud of the new solutions, because our customers also appreciate it. Not satisfied with the shaped decisions the company's engineers regularly reviewing and improving product's structural solutions, striving to make each product with more higher quality than the previous.
To design and to produce the desired sheet metal constructions with CNC machines is used CAD/CAM/MES/ERP software solutions of system "Lantek", which since 1986 expanding worldwide and considered the current leader.
To solve the bending solutions Company uses a system "Delem", which is considered the world market leader since 1978, producing software for metalworking CNC machines.
In "Karmand" LLC everything is done for being awarded customer 100% satisfaction.


Punch press machine with turret

The company uses German technology CNC machine , which provides the design of parts with an accuracy of 0.001mm. The machine is suitable for processing any sheet metal from 0.5 to 6.0 mm thickness and sizes up to 2500 x 1500 mm. For punching and forming machine is equipped with the American brand "Wilson Tool", which is considered the best in the industry.

Bending machine

In the company installed Italian technology CNC machine , which provides 0.01 mm accuracy and is designed for bending, forming any sheet metal length in 3000 mm, up to 6 mm thickness, provides power to 120 T and systems equipped with laser protection.

Welding, fastening

In order to ensure product quality is the most important task as welding or holdfast works of parts. "Karmand" LLC uses the arc and the best gas welding TIG/MIG/MAG equipments. The company employs experienced professionals who skillfully work with sheet metal of all sizes and thicknesses.
For some products of the company welding technologies are not used, the parts are connected by a rivet or bolt-nut, special modern pneumatic equipment used for that.


To ensure the form of finished production "Karmand" LLC is using only an electrostatic powder coating of products or parts, that is performed by an automatic production line. Automatic line has special robots that provide a complete and uniform coverage of the entire surface of the product. The production line is equipped with a cyclone and multistage air filtration system.