About Us


"Karmand" LLC was founded in 2006 by father and sons Hovhannisyans.
The company was originally engaged in the production of PVC and aluminum doors and windows using the advanced machinery and equipment in manufacturing process. The high quality of products and resulting customer satisfaction earned a deserved place in the competitive market for the company, evidenced by developing and successful business.
Since 2007, the company "Karmand" initiated a new business line - furniture manufacturing. The company produces MDF and laminate office, kitchen and other furniture.
Since 2009, "Karmand" LLC entered a new business area: production of sheet metal goods. Proper and consistent management led to firm place in the local competitive market.
At initial stages of production Soviet period machinery/equipment has been employed, but considering the consistent customer demand for the best quality, the company has adopted the principles of strategy and started the modernization of machinery park since 2012, importing the newest technology of the relevant business area in the world, equipments and CNC machines. Along with the ongoing modernization, the engineering personnel of the company, has been trained in the best companies, which resulted in nowadays use of world-famous software systems "Lantek" and "Delem".
Pursuing the goal of achieving an exceptional quality of production, the company has introduced a new system/workshop of electrostatic powder coating, in addition to automated production line technologies with a process used by world famous brands "Gema" and "Wagner".

"Karmand" LLC mission

  • Development of country's economy and production.
  • The application of production advanced technologies.
  • To ensure high quality of production matching to European standards.
  • To present in the market competitive prices.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction.


All employees of "Karmand" LLC accept that the customer satisfaction is the guiding key factor for the development prospering business in the 21-st century. Based on the mentioned and corporate culture adopted by the company – the company strives to products manufacturing with the use of materials and tools, ensuring high quality standards. The company's staff is motivated to provide an unprecedented range of products.

The cost

Despite the expensive equipment and materials used in production, the company, reducing costs and not pursuing extra profits, always offers balanced, reasonable and competitive prices.


"Karmand" LLC is ready to suffice the strictest customer's needs.

Considering that each customer has its own specific requirements, the company is ready to satisfy those.

We accept "Karmand" LLC success is dependent upon customer satisfaction.